Bhaktivedanta National School, Kolkata

January, 2021 we shifted our tribal children hostel cum school from Kharagpur to Kolkata. Presently placed at New Alipore,Kolkata our school is running with 22 hostel tribal children and 5 local children from neighboring Chetla slums. 2021 we have students from Pakur (Jharkhand), Purulia (WB), Canning (WB), Bardhaman (WB), Jaynagar (WB) and Hailakandi (Assam).
With the tide of aspiration soaring high,
we are determined to make them fly.
2020 performance top up metrics of our tribal students in the first year of their recruitment.(The two bars indicate the students marks in the initial weeks and the final exam). While many of our tribal children were in preparatory training, these students could perform and excel at the level of contemporary English Medium Exams. At the outset all of them had no background in English medium and many of them we taught from ABCD…
English Proficiency Stat
Assessing Sanjip Murmu’s Knowledge of West Bengal | BNS Class 6 Tribal Student from Pakur, Jharkhand.
In the morning we facilitate them to learn, In the evening we help them churn, To make them succeed is our only concern.
Whole Week We Make Them Learn,
And Sundays We Make Them Churn – Every Sunday Ongoing Weekly Exams Throughout the year.
When Sarji had joined our school and hostel few months back, he couldn’t speak and understand Hindi, English and even Bengali. All he knew was his local tribal language Kokborok. Initial weeks we had to learn his language to some basic level to help him learn. Now we see him progressing in studies with confidence.
We kick started our long cherished and deeply awaited dream – our centralised school and hostels at IIT Kharagpur for poor tribal children. We have 17 students from tribal belts Purulia(West Bengal), Pakur (Jharkhand) and Kundanala (Assam) spanning classes 5th to 8th.
This is the commencement of Phase 1 – next 5 years we want to take our tribal hostels to 1000 students ranging from 5th to graduation.
Our aspiration, prayer and commitment to nurture and grow this humble seed into an international revolution for humanity.
BNS Kolkata
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